Ausstellung „Byzantium through the Centuries“

25.06.2016 – 02.10.2016
Eremitage, Sankt Petersburg


„Within the Greece–Russia year program the Hermitage has mounted a large exhibition of Byzantine art contributed to by 23 museums of the world, libraries and monasteries in Greece and the Hermitage itself. It is the first exhibition holding so many monuments of such a high artistic level. All in all it contains 160 works, with over 120 coming from Greece and over 30 from the State Hermitage. They include floor and wall mosaics, frescos, icons, parchment manuscripts illuminated with miniatures, bronze liturgical vessels, silverware, gold jewellery and El Greco’s St Peter. The main idea is to demonstrate the beauty, aesthetics and artistic style of Byzantine art in the process of its development from the 4th to the middle of the 15th centuries.“

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